Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ Islands

Springline Designs specialize in custom concrete outdoor kitchens and bbq islands. Our products are designed to provide you with a unique, durable and functional space for your outdoor living area.  These islands generally are built in place to suite your construction conditions but can be built off site and transported within certain circumstances.

Benefits a SPRINGLINE outdoor kitchen can provide:

  • Design to suit your site needs
  • Outdoor cooking area for entertaining
  • Flexible construction – complete finish or unfinished for builders and renovators
  • We supply the equipment to install or use your own equipment
  • Many BBQ Island options are available and can be discussed when ordering
  • Increase and improve property value

Custom Outdoor Kitchen – Residential and Commercial

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Oasis Modules

Napoleon Oasis Units with Napoleon Equipment


Much of the stone used to finish our outdoor kitchens is sourced from Pacific Art Stone.

Hand-crafted Concrete Construction

A hand-crafted concrete product is not only practical as it withstands many types of weather but can be used in a very creative way to provide a variety of finishes. Being hand-crafted no two products will be exactly alike; these product finishes are created through a combination of colour, solids, mixing processes and curing times and conditions, to create a unique outcome for your finished piece. We are continually challenging ourselves to create new, beautiful concrete products that provide a unique finished product.

Where to Start

Visit our showroom or email us with details and images of your space, this will get the ball rolling towards your dream kitchen. Depending on your construction needs we can build your concrete outdoor kitchen or bbq island in shop or on site.  Our design team can work with you to create your kitchen and even provide you with full landscape layout if you require this service (landscape design is an additional service to your kitchen layout)

Creative & Professional Advice

Springline Designs team has years of experience in concrete construction and design and is ready to answer your questions. For reliable service and quality workmanship, please contact us – you’ll be happy you did!

Contact Springline Designs to get started on your outdoor kitchen or bbq island





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