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A custom firetable will add elegance and style to your outdoor living space. At Springline, we specialize in creating the highest quality concrete products designed and installed specifically for decor needs.

A custom concrete firetable will not only add to your outdoor décor but will help to extend the use of your outdoor living space by taking off the evening chill. Your Springline firetable will become the gathering place for friends and family.

Hand-crafted Concrete Construction

A hand-crafted concrete product is practical as it withstands many types of weather but can be used in a very creative way to provide a variety of finishes. Being hand-crafted no two products will be exactly alike; these product finishes are created through a combination of colour, solids, mixing processes and curing times and conditions, to create a unique outcome for your finished piece. We are continually challenging ourselves to create new, beautiful concrete products that provide a unique finished product.

Design Experts

fire table picture 2Springline Designs team has years of professional experience to support you in choosing the best product design for your outdoor space.  While our tried and true styles have stood the test of time we continue to create designs that will work within the most trendy and savvy décor styles. 


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Concrete Products

Please be aware that concrete products vary in colour and variegation with every pour, no two products will be exactly the same.  We do not recommend you cover your concrete products as this will cause unsightly white blemishes that in time will disapper.

We cannot warranty concrete in severe weather conditions such as high snow load, severe cold/heat temperatures.  This may cause damage to your table that may or may not be able to be repaired.

Repair kits are availble through Springline and yearly maintenance on your table of sanding and resealing (filling if necessary) is advised.  Bi-yearly may be satisfactory.

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Firetable additional options such as glass surround available on select items, ask for details when ordering 

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